About Us

Old Growth Ales crafts botanic and medicinal ales with organic, ethically traded or wild-harvested ingredients from the Cascadia bioregion. We use unique sugar sources in our ferments including cane, honey and fruit. These unique and traditional ales are adapted from old world recipes passed down from alchemists, brewers and herbalists. We carry on lineages creating seasonal health tonics, including ales, wines, ciders, meads and gruits.Steve Braun

Our Services:

We offer event services including: education, food and beverage, music and ambiance. Consider a wedding and our 2-event package. 1-2 months prior to the wedding, the wedding party can brew their own 1 barrel (31 gallons) batch of beer on our speciality equipment. We bring our truck and all necessary supplies for drinking. We provide the necessary guidance to ensure that there is a quality product for the second event. Later at the second event, the wedding, we serve the batch of beer you made and select batches of our botanic and medicinal ales. AAmanda Helser portion of your beer can be bottled with specialty labels, thus giving wedding guests their own commemorative bottle. All this includes choice music, lights, decorations and glassware focused around our 1 of a kind step van “Little Maker.” Little Maker is run on biodiesel and uses solar energy from panels on the roof. Other less in depth packages are also available.


Amanda Helser and Steve Braun

Founders, Brewers and Wild-crafters