• IMG_2137

    Wy’east Mountain Gruit

    Crisp and refreshing Summer sorghum ale. Finished with herbs harvested on the slopes of Mt. Hood (wy-east): yarrow, st john’s wort, goldenrod and mugwort. 6% Alcohol By Volume

  • Stormy Day Dandelion Stout

    It’s the beer you miss and have always wanted. Well, here it is. A traditional all-grain barley and oatmeal stout, magically made and gluten-reduced.* Infused with the rich, earthy, bitter chocolate coffee flavors of roasted chicory, dandelion, and… Read More

  • CAM00060

    Spice Brew

    Ginger, apples and lemons make this the best damn spice beer around! Strong, spicy and refreshing: tame a tiger, kick a cold, mellow the tummy and drink til your heart’s content. 8% Alcohol By Volume is it possible to… Read More

  • IMG_2184

    Wy’east Charrow Ale

    High mountain yarrow flowers with sorghum and Gorge golden cherries.   All gathered on the east side of Mt. Hood (Wy’east) during the height of summer. Yarrow was the traditional bittering plant before hops. This is a health tonic that… Read More

  • “Good Neighbor” Plum Mead

    Portland summer in a bottle. Neighborhood plum trees of golden, purple, pink, and red plums combined with local raw honey. Pure and simple. Ages well. 11% Alcohol By Volume

  • fair trade organic herbs

    Crimson Sunrise

    This bright ruby herbal hibiscus wine is high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Citrus and floral notes burst on the tongue. 10% Alcohol By Volume

  • Wildcrafting

    Urtication Ale

    Crisp and refreshing wild harvested spring tonic. Urtication Ale, named after the traditional practice of flagellation by stinging nettles, considered as a folk remedy in the middle ages for stagnation including rheumatoid arthritis. Nettles, burdock, dandelion greens, lemon,… Read More